Know Your Client’s Product

Understand how a product or service fits in and interacts with the real world. IBISWorld reports clearly lay out the total size of the market for a product or service, its substitutes, the industry’s supply chain networks and international trade data and globalization trends.

Know Your Client’s Customers

Determine why a customer decides to purchase a product. IBISWorld research reports highlight who makes purchasing decisions, why they buy and what they spend on. The reports pay close attention to external variables that affect customer choices. We also examine competitive advantages and explain how companies distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

Know Your Client’s Competitors

Evaluate the competitive landscape and climate of an industry, and benchmark each client against its unique peers and industry best practices. IBISWorld reports deliver industry key success factors, so you can identify opportunities for revenue and profit growth for each customer.

Develop Your Own Business

Industries that are growing or declining quickly, facing company consolidation or experiencing changing regulations, globalization or technology often need consulting services. Using our reports, you can direct partners and business development executives to these key industries to make their prospecting more efficient.

Stronger Client Proposals

Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge you need before you step in front of a prospect or client. Don’t waste time searching online for biased, incomplete or out-of-date sources. Use IBISWorld’s accurate data and proven analysis to support your research and presentations.

Understand Industry Risk

Consulting partners use our 12-month Risk Rating Reports to identify the potential risks prior to accepting a client engagement. The forecasts and analysis culminate in a single numerical score to help you understand the risks facing an industry.

Quickly Become an Expert in Any Industry

IBISWorld offers a range of products and services designed specifically for your needs. Learn more about how we can help with your business strategies.

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Download a PDF summary, which highlights how you can use our research to better understand your clients’ products, customers and competitors and further develop your business.

Industry Insider

The IBISWorld Industry Insider is your go-to resource for timely and relevant industry news. Dive deeper with topical analyst insights, infographics, top 10 lists and other information to help you identify opportunities and make smarter business decisions. Also, check out our Client Q&As to find out how others in your industry are using IBISWorld research reports.

From Our Clients
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"We use IBISWorld for several areas within our testing … such as for testing of goodwill/intangible revenue projections or testing the actual revenues for the current year. We have found IBISWorld to be of great use."

- Deloitte