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Company Insights with an Industry Edge

Company Benchmarking: Your Path to Smarter Business Strategies

Reach strategic goals faster with our growing collection of 5,000 company profiles with an industry edge.
  • Private company revenue estimates
  • Public company financial statements
  • Company product lines
  • Market share by industry
  • Competitor performance
  • SWOT analysis
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Accounting & Audit
Advise on Growth Strategies
  • Advise on profitability, strategic planning and other financial and operational goals that help your clients grow
  • Help clients understand their competitive position and financial performance relative to peers
  • Identify challenges and missed opportunities that are key to your clients' growth

Value Private & Public Companies More Accurately

  • Save time on your comparable company analysis with revenue estimates for private companies
  • Get the valuation data you need with public company financials and easy-to-scan financial ratios at your fingertips

Identify New Prospects for Cross-Selling

  • Identify cross-selling opportunities through quick insights from SWOT analyses - available for over 5,000 companies across the US market
  • Quickly locate related companies within your clients' industries and focus prospecting activities around the industries you know best
  • Analyze industry and competitor benchmarks and best practices to help your clients improve their bottom line
  • Identify areas of growth for your clients, including new markets or product lines and macroeconomic trends that impact their success
  • Advise on profitability, strategic planning and other financial and operational goals that help your clients grow

Guide Clients Toward Profitable Business Decisions

  • Think strategically about client and prospect pain points, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to shape your recommendations
  • Create powerful presentations using data visuals that show your clients exactly where they sit relative to competitors and the wider industry

Qualify & Prioritize Prospects

  • Target the right prospects every time, with granular details on revenue performance, profitability, productivity and more
  • Quickly understand which companies lag behind their competitors and stand to benefit most from your expertise
  • Instantly benchmark company financial data and statistics against the industry segment or wider industry
  • Use a composite of companies that are similar to your borrower to exercise proper due diligence during the approval process

Evaluate Creditworthiness

  • Compare clients to similar-sized companies or industry segments to determine their likelihood of paying back a loan
  • Calculate a borrower’s risk premium by using segment, industry and peer benchmarks to understand risks in their operating environment

Win New Business

  • Gain a deep understanding of prospects’ business challenges so you can ask relevant questions and offer informed banking solutions
  • Uncover pain points that your products and services can alleviate to better focus your pitches and close more deals
  • Improve your sales planning and target ideal prospects that meet your revenue, profitability, market share and other benchmarks
  • Quickly identify competitors of current clients or prospects that may be relevant targets for your product or service

Find Critical Details on Your Target Audience

  • Get the information you need to optimize your marketing or sales plans, like business demographics including location, business size and revenue
  • Speak directly to client or prospect pain points to strengthen your sales pitches or marketing messages

Accelerate the Sales Cycle

  • Nurture leads more effectively by demonstrating vast knowledge of their industry, including their competitors
  • Build higher-value relationships with leads by offering unique insight into their business challenges
  • Use company insights to strategically position your product or service as a solution to their individual problems
  • Polish your pitch decks with powerful data visuals for productivity
  • Find easy-to-scan financial ratios to help you perform due diligence

Strengthen Pitch Decks

  • Show your clients exactly how a company compares to its competitors and industry averages
  • Polish your pitch decks with powerful data visuals for productivity metrics, liquidity, market share, revenue performance and more

Discover Growth Potential

  • Get a clearer picture of a company’s growth potential based on their product lines and where they fall short of competitors
  • Improve your assessment of a company’s strategy with a 360-degree view of their industry segment, operating environment and peer financial benchmarks
See the Bigger Picture with Benchmarking Pro
When you need more context, we have you covered. With our holistic benchmarking solution, you can move seamlessly from company insights to segment-level benchmarks.

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